Supply and Demand Articles

How many of you use or chances are you’ve used them alot and are very familiar. If not, check into it and get yourself an account. People use these popular websites for buying various goods but what mosttrading_market_by_abodemous-d36ebpn don’t realize is that they can be used against each other, a lot of times one person is looking for something on Ebay and a different person is selling the very same item on Craigslist or vice versa. Your not gonna become a millionaire but it’s very possible to haggle with people make some fast cash using this method.

Cool Serial Numbers

Here’s a little website you may be interested in, it’s  called its dedicated to finding odd or interesting (however you see it) serial numbers from all denominations of bills. A George Washington could be worth the same as a Benjamin Franklin or more according to the owners of this website. So pay attention! look at that dollar before you spend it at the quickie mart, you could be giving big bucks away and not even know it. Its not just one sequence either, there are many different combinations they’re looking for they’ve listed256px-HundredDollarBill on the website you can go peruse. At the very least today’s list of website oddities will take our mind off being broke.

How To Earn Money With Apps

Ready for some apps that make you money? There are quite a few new apps on cell phones these days that do make easy money instead of just playing the equivalent to an Atari game and expecting you to spend cash on it. They will take some effort on your part though, the first is called “Receipthog” it’s a simple platform that pays you in coins that is turned into cash when you have enough to cashout, you simply collect the receipts off the products you already buy on a daily basis and take quick pictures that send through the app itself. This is genius to me because your not doing anything extra and they pay you! plus it has a cute pigpigsanta that oinks. Another one is “Shopkick” you get “kicks” for shopping in certain stores, just for walking in the door you can receive points. This app mainly rewards you with gift cards to various other stores but it’s based on a similar idea of making some extra cash off something that I am already doing. These are win-win situations for you, me and these time series-analysts and business forecasters who take this information, sweat over it and try to guess what we’ll buy next. There are more of these apps, lots in fact and just waiting for you to download them in “google playstore” on  your device, so next time your bored check them out.

Money Making Ideas From Home

Root of all evils as they say…you can live with it but you can’t live with out it. Everything around you requires money from the food you need to eat to the car you must drive to make the money…shall we say a deal breaker? If you don’t have it. So I am going to help you find it! Anyway I can…I’m creating this blog “Bring Money Home” for all of you out there are just like me who need to find a niche, a little extra to get by…something. Just one idea, that’s really all it takes. We just have to be smart enough to recognize it when we think581340-dollar-1374667788-810-640x480 it or see it. I know there are faster, easier, and smarter ways to make money because I hear people talking and posting and youtubing about it all the time. Together we can figure out something to better our lives and the time is now to do it.

Hopefully this blog will be a little different from the norm to attract YOU…the glorious person reading this right now that is giving me my first ever chance at not living under a rock or in a cell or in the antisocial world I’m used to but contributing to this world the little bit that I can and giving you my very opinionated opinions and reviews with interesting commentary that I’m sure someone will have a different idea or comment to make. I love reading comments, often I find myself being more interested in comments section when I’m reading posts or news stories or watching music videos. I don’t want to get off topic so let’s jump right in and get to the real reason were here and that’s providing you with a service.